Monday, February 25, 2019

Brew Detective: Pliny The Younger | 2019

Pliny The Younger |

Fifteen years of Younger, 600 miles away and still foraging for the tasty nectar, some things never change. By nectar, I mean Pliny The Younger, the OG triple IPA. Russian River holds a place in my heart. I remain loyal, especially when I can get Younger on my side of The Willamette. Below are some of our tasting notes from February 19th.

An apricot-like nose and sweet stone fruit. The clarity and carbonation are reminders of how Russian River can stand above the trends. Maybe because they created them? This year's batch is trouble because it's so damn drinkable. Agent M remarked, "I don't remember it being so smooth." Yea, what she said. There is so much going on in this Younger. It embodies an absolute mastery of their craft. It's so balanced that you forget you're drinking a triple IPA, well done Russian River. This Younger is so good. I'm stoked I was able to have some. It's safe to say I'm not alone in thinking that. For those who haven't had it, good luck finding it. Enjoy responsibly.

Pliny The Younger | 10.25% 
Hops: Warrior, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial, CTZ, Chinook, Crystal, Citra 



  1. The bonus of getting a taste of this somewhere other than Russian River's 4th Street tap room is there's not a frenzy, there's no bracelet, and you can find a seat to enjoy it.

    1. Spot on assessment Mo Pro. Who knew moving could be so Pliny?