Saturday, December 22, 2018

Brew Detective: Comet IPA | Buoy

Buoy is keeping us all afloat with their tasty beer. A new single-hopped IPA hit shelves locally and I scored one. It pours a beautiful caramel-gold and has great clarity. I'm really digging the brewing companies that strive for proper carbonation, it's spot on in the Comet Single Hop IPA. I also appreciate a good malt balance when the hop profile may need a little taming. 

Comet hops are said to yield dank, citrus and tropical fruit notes, others will point to grapefruit. I personally got a whole lot of the dank mixed with a formidable bitterness, which is why the malt component is so clutch. I always look for Buoy beers at my local grocer and you should too. Enjoy craft beer responsibly this holiday season. Cheers!

Comet IPA | 6.7% | 65 IBU


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