Sunday, October 28, 2018

OREGON is Calling US

Life makes time the most valuable resource, that or fresh water. Anyhow, let me confirm my love for California. I love California, its topography, coastal climates, and geographic beauty intoxicate. I was married in California and have lived, thus far, most of my adult life there. I have a soft spot for The Bay Area, especially north of Golden Gate. Mr. Salty, Pip and Wanda were all born in California. Although Salty left the state with us on more than one occasion, the two little ladies have only known their homeland since the jump. I will always speak and think fondly of the Golden State. Now the page is turning as we migrate to a place that's been calling us for two years.

Oregon's the only Pacific state I have not called home; here we come. The sirens of the PNW sing sweetly. The massive cost of living in wine country, and the onslaught of too many people, has created less than favorable changes. With that said, our roots grew deep into the fertile soils of Sonoma County due to hard work, creativity and love. We have lifelong friends and were fortunate enough to immerse ourselves into the intricate communities of west county and beyond. My fellings are a mixture of excitement and wonderment. This transition will be greatly assisted by a growth in both personal and professional skills (knowing more about myself and what makes me tick). It also helps to have savings. I'm so good with this decision. The only chance we're taking, is whether or not we take the chance... the golden hour county paradiso

Oregon has been calling us and now we've committed to listening.


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