Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Brew Detective: NAMAZU

Namazu Oat Pale Ale from Seismic Brewing is a welcomed diversion from the over-saturated IPA market in Sonoma County. First things last, the art is outstanding. It's easily a favorite locally and this can stands up to the cool branding elsewhere. Cool artwork deserves to be acknowledged.

The first can popped with good carbonation, a great addition to this multi-grain beer. Those suppressed bubbles amplify an almost doughy head. Malt-forward aromas hit your smeller. This western oat pale ale reminds me of a favorite from the Southeast. I'm of the belief that the oat helps to smooth out the malty first impression. Namazu is so well balanced considering the cadre of malts and hops. There's also some dry-hopping going on; hops are not forgotten in this pale ale. Find a six pack and enjoy responsibly. Namazu works well on warm days and cool evenings. 

Namazu | Seismic Brewing Co. | 4.8%
Malt: 2-Row, Aromatic Munich, C40 Caramel, Flaked Oats
Hops: Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe, Calypso, Belma, Hüll Melon


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