Monday, March 12, 2018

Record Store Day 2018

Each year I kind of forget, and then, I'll re-remember or be reminded that Record Store Day has revealed their annual list. This year I'll again be in Charleston. Most of my adult life I've perused the collection at The Last Record Store, or a couple of years at Harvest Records. Hopefully the little shop my wife and friends led me to last year will have a selection or two I'm looking to score. Here's a link to the Record Store Day list and below is a quick-hitting rundown of the artists piquing my interest on the list. Long gone are the days of no lines and only die-hards, happy hunting.  

» The Allman Brothers Band, Chuck Berry, J. Dilla, Dylan & The Dead, Grateful Dead, Funk in France, NAS, Prince, Tank & The Bangas, New Orleans Soul, Wilco, and Johnny Winter »

Record Store Day is April 21st


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