Sunday, September 3, 2017

NBA Preview 2017-18

NBA Preview 2017-18
Those that get paid to hoop are prepping for an NBA season that begins a bit earlier this year. Opening night is October 17th and is likely to provide plenty of hot-take narratives. The drama unfolds early as the Cavaliers host the Celtics, while the Rockets travel to Oakland. Night two gives NBA fans an early look at some young teams and more faces in new places. The 76ers travel to the Nation's Capital, while the Wolves head to Texas to face San Antonio. 

There were almost too many major changes among NBA rosters to keep track. A record number of all-stars switched teams during the off season. With so much turnover and the amassed collection of talent in the Western Conference, there's potentially enough to keep us intrigued, before the Death Stars of Golden State run roughshod on opponents in the playoffs. Hopefully there's a few teams out west that will push them. I'm looking at you Spurs, Rockets, Thunder, Wolves and maybe Nuggets.

The Eastern Conference is solid at the top, but ultimately looks like a JV league when compared to their western counterparts. The team with LeBron is like possessing a dragon in Game of Thrones. Obviously there is intrigue in Boston, Uncle Drew and Commissioner Gordon will undoubtedly make their team better, but can they push the previously mentioned Drogon of the east? I'm also interested in watching the growth of Giannis Antetokounmpo. I believe he's capable of taking the next step in becoming a challenger to the current list of yearly MVP candidates. Are there three better players in the east than Giannis, John Wall and Bron?

Over the next few batches of posts I'll drop some more NBA blather. I'll fire off a list of teams to watch, some bold predictions and give my forecast on the standings. Thanks NBA, for being a reality soap opera based on athletic skill, real talent and real personalities. Only in the NBA.


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