Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Brew Detective: Windows Up IPA

Windows Up IPA | Alpine Beer Co.
Hiatus is an understatement; I may not be reviewing as many beers as in the past, but I have been enjoying my fair share nonetheless. Not only have I been consuming the cornucopia of California's beer scenes; I recently binged on the mecca that is the Carolina's—Mmm, Burial, Hi-Wire and the rest of Asheville's bounty is extraordinary. My favorites list is growing strong and will show  up on eightychoices down the road. Today's quick hitting and delicious review will focus on Alpine's new-ish IPA, Windows Up.

The nose is quite dank with the slightest notes of peppercorn. The scent reminds me of Pliny The Elder (an ultimate compliment).

The initial taste also took me to Russian River, conjuring a flavor reminiscent to Blind Pig. Amazing combination, I know. The pour created a billowing head, you could lay a 50 cent piece on it. After each subsequent drink I began to register stone fruit, most notably apricot. The colorful liquid gleams copper-yellow and orange peel. My senses were being pleased and I wanted to nurse this beer, it kept revealing new layers of itself. Alpine did a wonderful job with this IPA (7% ABV). If you see Windows Up at your local bottle shop or grocer, I highly recommend picking up a six pack. Enjoy responsibly and stay cool.


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