Thursday, December 1, 2016

Robbie Robertson | Testimony

Dominican University hosted Robbie Robertson and we had really good seats, thanks to my partner-in-crime. Helping in the conversation was editor-in-chief of Radio Silence, Dan Stone. The evening was a success, and of course, moved too fast. Stories from Robbie's life seem to bend the bars that confine many of us. Angelico Hall enhanced the intimacy of the evening. This week marked 40 years since The Last Waltz. Our anticipation, the audience, all netted by his lure. 

Robertson's voice sounds the same and his hands were constantly involved. When questioned about the process of writing a song, versus a book, he replied, "different." Snapshots from his past blended straight-shooting honesty with legendary tall tales, except that they are actually true. Robbie also dispelled elements of the commentary and reporting of past eras, saying, "a lot of it is garbage. I know, I was there."

Rather than continue to patch together the night, check out my noted quotes from various segments. Thanks to Dan Stone and my better half. I had a wonderful night.

• "Drenched in real" - referring to the sound of the South.

• "The Holy Lands of music" - referencing the Mississippi Delta.

• "It just felt good" - after listening to, "Like a Rolling Stone," shortly after it was recorded.

• "They were wrong" - his reaction to the malcontent over Dylan going electric.


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