Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PUBlication: Holiday Beer

Happy Holidays!
'Tis the season. One can never have enough quality libations on hand during the holidays. I lean toward selections that take from trees, literally or figuratively; think Alaskan's Winter Ale (brewed with Sitka Spruce tips) or Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale (whose beautiful artwork looks pretty good under the tree and ages quite nicely). Big Sky's Powder Hound is one of my favorites and is available from October through March. Another tried and true original comes from Sierra Nevada. Celebration Ale is a staple in our household this time of year and seemingly caters to all. I stay away from those that over indulge in chocolate or coffee, most typically found in porters and stouts. I can however, recommend Jubelale from Deschutes, if that's a profile you prefer. A nice option in cans is 21st Amendment's, Fireside Chat, a spiced winter ale. Of course, there are many other options, each of the aforementioned can be easily found on the west coast. This is my kind of holiday shopping.

Look for these delicious and seasonal ales at your local grocer, market or bottle shop. Travel safely and may you navigate the madness of the season smoothly. It's time for some justified gluttony, so have at it, just do so responsibly. Enjoy the holidays...with a tasty adult beverage. Cheers.


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