Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PUBlication: Das Froot

Recently I picked up my first Toolbox Brewing Company beer. Das Froot is a funky and tart Berliner Weisse featuring apricots and peaches. San Diego is a mecca for craft brew; thankfully a local market in my neck of the woods is now carrying Toolbox. As soon as the bottle was opened my nose was filled with funk, perhaps even lactate, reminding me of green apples. 

Bigger than expected bubbles rushed to the top of the glass as I poured this foggy, straw-colored Berliner. As the initial carbonation pops away, a faint smell of fruit is left. This sour wheat ale is wickedly tart—whoa. Personally I tasted more of the apricot, the peach arrives more so in aroma. Das Froot was my introduction to Toolbox Brewing Company, it will not be my last. Open up a Toolbox and go to work. Enjoy responsibly. 4.5%  


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