Monday, August 8, 2016

PUBlication: Revolution No. 002

Luponic Distortion No.0002
Who does number two work for? Firestone Walker this particular time. The Luponic Distortion revolving hop series has released its second offering; you can read a review of No. 001 here. They've been showcasing the process of hop selection via social media. It's amusing to see brewers snouting out a bunch of new hops.

Seven distinct hop varietals square off nicely against the pale and wheat malt. The cornucopia of hops is led by a couple of Pacific Northwest favorites. Next is a pair of new hops from Germany, followed by two additional hops from New Zealand. The latter two are said to illicit melon and tropical flowers. Last but not least is a new experimental hop that is suppose to produce notes of berry and peach. Luponic Distortion is best within 90 days of bottling. Drink these delicious marvels. Revolution No. 002 is available now, happy hunting. 5.9% | 59 IBU


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