Thursday, August 18, 2016

Banks & Steelz

Banks & Steelz
Thus far, Paul Banks and RZA have released four tracks off of their upcoming album, Anything but Words. Banks & Steelz drop their debut later this month; the next day they play The Independent in San Francisco. Their tour takes them to the major festivals still on the horizon of late summer and early fall, interspersed between and before, are a host of shows at smallish clubs. The Wu and Interpol have collided. Early offerings are collective sounding, especially the title track (listen below). RZA goes mad deep {"turn you back to molecules - minuscule follicles - then convert your brain to sub-atomic particles"} the vocal overtures by Paul creep into place perfectly. Then comes the edgy drum machines, bringing the throaty-digital purr and soft glitch to a startling point. 

Banks & Steelz | "Anything But Words"

It seems that the two artists have found a dialogue that creates anew while allowing them to apply their established imaginations. Ghostface Killah guests on the grimier track, "Love and War," a cool collision of hip-hop lyricism and song building (listen below). The producer-extraordinaires harness an ability to coexist, both lush and raw. These cuts could be hits in the club or radio-edited singles. Check out Banks & Steelz on tour or grab a copy of Anything But Words August 26th.  

Banks & Steelz | "Love and War"


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