Friday, July 15, 2016

Vignette | Pizzeria

Vignette | Sebastopol
Local business is important in any community. It just so happens there's an abundance of local restaurants in my idyllic little town. Not too long ago The Barlow opened and with it came a crop of new boutiques, wine rooms and eateries. One of the small businesses that set up shop was Vignette. Wood fired Neapolitan pizza plays the lead role in a cast of fresh, local and organic ingredients. When in doubt, rock the Margherita. A classic pie that allows you to taste the interplay of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil; delicately partnered with the daily house made dough. If you're looking for a meat protein, I recommend the meatball parm pizza. Vignette does well crafting nostalgia into their taste. The decor and aesthetic match their willingness to create with care.

Other side dishes I'm extremely fond of are, the charred and lightly smashed potatoes with mint and time (they're my go-to). Presentation of this dish never disappoints—hearty enough to share. The fire-fried olives and spices are a nice place to start, pair with a local craft beer and enjoy.   


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