Saturday, April 30, 2016

PUBlication: Revolution No. 001

Revolution Batch No. 001
Firestone Walker is at it again with their recent release of the Luponic Distortion revolving hop series. This inaugural batch is an amazing IPA brewed with experimental hops. Revolution No. 001 is a revelation; I say that because these hops are not the varietals most people are familiar with. With that said, the first taste reminded me of Pliny. I know, how can that be? These masters of craft brew have collaborated in the past. Russian River needed help when they were renovating their off-site brewing facility with new tanks and Firestone Walker was trusted with the continued production of a certain, awesome beer.

The six pack I picked up was bottled on April 6th—they recommend enjoying this brew within 90 days. This delicious IPA has a faint nose when cracked open and poured. Once in the glass, a beautiful golden clarity bubbles beneath a substantial head. The foam does retreat a bit, turning airy while still lingering. The carbonation is noticeable and adds to the palate feel. Brewed with 6 hops that were harvested in 2015, the blend can only be adequately labeled once tasted for yourself. Wheat malt partners sublimely, furthering the crisp characteristics. If you're lucky enough to spot this one-of-a-kind IPA, don't hesitate in buying it.  5.9% | 59 IBU


PS. My review of The Legendary Boonville Beer Fest will be coming soon...

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