Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Lowest Pair

The Lowest Pair
 Olympia and Minneapolis, two places I know something about. They also happen to be the cities in which The Lowest Pair call home. Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee craft American songs as their harmonies drape over the twang of two banjos. His Midwestern croon meshes seamlessly with her penetrating vocals, an assemblage that is hauntingly beautiful. They have smithed two records; 36¢ and The Sacred Heart Sessions—the latter was recorded in Duluth, MN at an old church. Bending like the hanging limbs of a willow tree, their music sways along the lines of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, with lyrical honesty resembling Townes Van Zandt.

This well traveled duo is currently on tour. They play at the enchanting Viracocha Wednesday night (15th). I thoroughly suggest making this engagement if time permits. The setting and the sound will surely subdue. On Thursday (16th) they play at the Fifth Street Farms in Berkeley. After a quick run to British Columbia they return for the Redwood Ramble in Navarro, CA. Go see something new, go feel something with meaning, go support The Lowest Pair.

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