Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Game of Thrones

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is tonight. The Cavs have shown that defense and rebounding travels. LeBron has been going off, averaging 41.5 points, 12 rebounds and 8.5 assists. Read those numbers again. Below are some quotes from the journalists covering these games. 

"A half-dozen maulings at the hands of Andre Iguodala...but Iguodala committed uncalled reach-in fouls on almost every LeBron drive in crunch time." & "Green held LeBron down on a jump ball with 45 seconds left in overtime and somehow got away with it." - Zach Lowe

"All these guys who are worried about efficiency, you want to know what LeBron thinks, privately? He won't come out and say this at the podium. He thinks, you want to get mad at me for scoring...Go back and watch some Jordan games...he's playing like Jordan did. Scoring because that's what they need. He's not worried about efficiency." - Brian Windhorst

"He's by far the best player because he can play all five positions an defend all five positions, and people who say anything differently, don't understand how basketball works." - Tony Kornheiser

"No other player in the league could drag this team where LeBron has dragged it. There may be only three or four guys in NBA history who could have done it." - Zach Lowe

Grantland | LeBron Torches

Hanni El Khatib plays at Lagunitas tonight, we have four tickets—decisions, decisions. I'll go with Bron Bron!


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