Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PUBlication: Citrus Mistress

Citrus Mistress | Hop Valley Brewing Co.
Hop Valley Brewing Company hails from one of my favorite places, Eugene (Go Ducks). Oregon is a mecca for tasty suds. The artisans at Hop Valley brew an array of amazing beers, I particularly enjoy their line-up of IPA's. One of the freshest tasting they put out is the Citrus Mistress.

This seasonal IPA starts with aromatic punch and finishes with the refreshing quality of citrus. Four types of hops are used in the brewing process, along with grapefruit peels. First you notice the lush scent of the Mistress, a tropical bouquet. It pours a bit darker, perhaps due to the rich Munich malt. Initially the pallet registers grapefruit and a subtle bitterness through the hops. The malt has less of a presence in tasting. After that it's simple, enjoy the pure drink-ability of Hop Valley's Citrus Mistress IPA. 6.5% | 80 IBU 

Grab a 22oz. or a six pack to enjoy this well-crafted seasonal India Pale Ale. Drink responsibly. 


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  1. Yum! That sounds so good! Nice descriptions eightychoices. Why does grapefruit compliment beer so well? Thanks for spreading the word on great local beers!