Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whale of a Day

Whales: Giants of the Deep | California Academy of Sciences
The giants are coming, no not those Giants, the giants of the deep. California Academy of Sciences offers us land dwellers the chance to learn more about these majestic mammals. Patrons will be given the chance to: "dive into a world of ocean giants—their evolution, biology and cultural significance—fascinating both for their eerie similarities to ourselves and for their awe-inspiring differences."

Diversity, adaptation, cultural significance and conservation will serve as the primary gateways for discussion and learning. Having had the opportunity to venture around the Academy of Sciences, and loving each experience, this exhibit has already captured my attention and has me looking forward to exploring anew. Few living things rival the whale in my opinion.

Presented and researched by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the exhibit tells a mesmerizing tale of this complex creature. Interaction is a staple of integrated learning, and the Academy does a good job of nurturing this function. Whales: Giants of the Deep—coming April 3rd. Enjoy a day in Golden Gate Park and support the California Academy of Sciences. 


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