Friday, April 25, 2014

Who goes there..? Owls, that's who!

Those fortunate enough to have seen a Pygmy Owl know how awesome they are. They might be itty bitty but they're still at the top of the food chain. In our neck of the woods we also have some resident Barn Owls, as well as, a nesting Great Horned Owl couple who have had owlets in the past. Recently I was shown this video, hopefully you find it as amusing as I did. So, here's to the silent fliers within the world of raptors and birds of prey. Here at the Watertrough Project we're big fans of owls.

We're also fans of beer. I recommend sipping on a Pygmy Owl itty bitty IPA by Big Sky Brewing this summer. It's a tasty session-style IPA and right up there with Go To by Stone Brewing. Those of us in Sonoma get the goods, Dribble by Russian River and Day Time by Lagunitas. Thankfully I'm blessed and inundated with high quality brews, the raw beauty of nature, and its wonderful creatures.

Amusing Owl Facts


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