Friday, March 7, 2014

Purple Reign

Prince continues to roll out new music with his band, 3rd eye girl and the New Power Generation. As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the most genuine rock and rollers alive, while being equally intelligent and virtuosic. Recently he took over the rebooted Arsenio Hall Show, unleashing three stellar songs and impressively partaking in an interview. He opened with the freshly minted, Funk N Roll. Also played on the air were Mutiny, and his classic, She's always in My Hair. Currently no one else in music is able to match his ability to mesh rock, funk, pop and whatever the hell else he's willing to weave into his tapestry of genius. And by the way, who the hell else could pull of that wardrobe without being totally bashed by both fans and media? There's only one Prince, we should be thankful for the many musical gifts he's given us. Be on the look-out for his upcoming album. Below is a string of videos showcasing his material, as well as, his unique and inquisitive personality. All hail the Prince.




The Interview


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