Monday, March 31, 2014

Marco Benevento never lets me down

Whether or not others view him as a jubilant mad scientist, I see Marco Benevento as an enigmatic talent equipped with undeniable passion. His emotion is on full display every time I've been privileged enough to see him. Marco played an energetic set at the Independent on Saturday, March 29th. Performing with a drummer and a bassist, his trio feverishly washed the faithful crowd in their sound waves of inventiveness. Fans of Benevento just get it, he also makes it easy to receive. His musical manifestations are truly art, he's a conjurer capable of controlling collisions between rock and jazz.

Creatively he has few equals and yet his genius remains humble, it's aptly apparent when you witness his demeanor first hand. There's even more evidence of his virtuoso-like talents when you consider his diverse scope of band mates and side projects. Whether it's his own trio, Surprise Me Mr. Davis, Garage A Trois, The Duo, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, or his flair for the sit-in, it's hard not to notice his glowing brilliance. Regardless of which band or project he's participating with, his music and persona are genuine and impossible to resist. He's easily one of the most inspiring artists I get the chance to see on a somewhat regular basis. No two of his shows will be the same, he's not wired that way, and neither is his circuit bending, modified acoustic piano. Thank you Marco for never letting me down. Catch him at the Boom Boom Room tonight.


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