Saturday, February 1, 2014

Space Bomb Records

Matthew E. White, heavy hit'n in historic Richmond. Space Bomb, his record label, is beaming brightly out of Virginia. One of these days I suggest you dive deeper into his music. In the meantime... his latest effort is currently available on vinyl as a 7". Trey Pollard helped out and created the live dub remix on side A, titled, Red Face BoyPillows (Version) is the B side and can be listened to below.

Mr. White is one of the more engaging and eclectic singer songwriters that I have happened upon in recent years. His first LP, Big Inner, was an amazing effort that bled originality. Next he delivered an EP that extended the narrative, Outer Face. Human Style, the video below, is one of its five tracks. Steeped in a kindred magic, he reflects a similarity to Randy Newman and Dr. John. At times, his voice reaches a high pitch of softness, reminiscent of Burt Bacharach. Matthew E. White knows how to entice and his melodic stories are the perfect portal from which to escape through. He's drop'n space bombs.


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