Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ruling the Roost: Animation Show of Shows

Marcel, King of Tervuren
The 15th annual Animation Show of Shows was held this past Saturday at the Hess Collection Art Museum in Napa. Ron Diamond has curated this Animation show since 1998. Films shown at this boutique festival have gone on to win seven Oscar's in the category of animated shorts and have garnered 23 nominations. It was super rad to say the least, set amongst Motherwell, Rauschenberg & Anselm Kiefer never hurts either.

As always, I pulled the trigger on America's Finest #2 (1994), by Lynn Hershman Leeson, prior to entering the third floor of the Hess Collection. A curious viewer willing to touch the disabled MK-47 is allowed to decide...

"Pulling the trigger turns the viewer into both an aggressor and subsequent victim of his/her own actions."                                         - Lynn Hershman Leeson

With that detour behind us, we quickly & quietly took our seats within the darkened viewing room. I was entirely inspired by the animated short, Marcel, King of Tervuren, directed by Tom Schroeder with Ann Berckmoes. Rarely does a Greek tragedy grab you so hard, so fast. The lead, Marcel, immediately had me spell bound. The art work prevailed like a cold wave soothing your aches. There was a need to appreciate what had been done. An old tale with such vibrance, an impressionable gift of freshness. Films like this should thrive with healthy exposure. I fully celebrate what is sure to be considered one of, if not, the best animated short of 2013.

Other films that may spark your imagination are; Requiem for Romance, Subconscious Password & Drunker than a Skunk. It was nice to be taught a brief lesson on the terminology swirling around these modern drawings. Terms such as motion capture, hand animated on computer & boiled, were ideas that made sense, that moved motion elsewhere. I had a great day, thanks to the event organizers for holding such an amazing event & thanks to my best friend for coming along.
Bravo Marcel!


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