Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feist at the Warfield

one of my favorite recording artists is making her way back to the bay...

feist is an amazing singer/songwriter, who in recent years has garnered critical & commercial success. she has a great knack for scripting words that make sense twhen coupled with our own images. sonically, her live band is top notch. feist puts on amazing live shows that submerges you into an audio visual journey. she is coming to the city on monday, november 14 to play the warfield. chilly gonzales, her longtime friend & cohort will be joining her (he's amazing too).
this calendar year marked the release of her 4th studio album, metals. it's a beautiful record of textured sound that can both haunt & enchant. bind those lush musical palettes with her voice & your on the path of metals. i recommend picking it up on vinyl if you have a turn table. the songs translate well across the needle (they also give you a digital download code).
i happened to catch feist in asheville at the thomas wolfe auditorium during the reminder tour. it stands as one of the most complete live concerts i have seen. her backing band is ridiculously tight, her stage persona is entrancing & her light show, if you can even call it that, is arguably the most nostalgic and at the same time most progressive in the industry. she co-conspires with clea marinker on stage, who is more than capable of aiding the listener/viewer's adventure throughout the performance. a recent film, "look at what the light did now," showcased their wonderment. all of the collaborators, or friends it would seem, help feist to attain a higher art form. at the same time they all share creative responsibilty, thereby displacing the proverbial spot light from staying fixed upon feist. a fellow reviewer had this to say about the documentary and its contributor(s).

"...The arts and crafts approach is wonderfully simple but very effective. There are moments in the film that are easily the best with their atmospheric use of light, silhouette, paint, clay and exquisite sense of timing... An example is during the performance of “The Water,” Feist is alone on stage with just her guitar and words, as Clea Marinker stands in the darkness at the back of the stage using a board, some clay and her fingers to manipulate a changing landscape in various shapes and pictorial forms. It is incredible and certainly makes one want to experience it up close. It is noticeable that Leslie Feist is not that comfortable being the center of attention, therefore implementing the artwork of Clea Marinker allows the audience to view imagery and listen to the music without focusing solely on the singer." -martyn conterio

ultimately those of you who may read this should research, listen to & check out feist. unfortunately the warfield is sold out. you can try to get tickets or you can support her goodness through other technological means. i'll be stoked if one new set of ears learns of feist due to this post. experience live art! i feel as though this upcoming show will embody that of a performance piece, one that showcases many mediums of art. enjoy, maybe i'll see you there...


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  1. Only on-topic because of the Warfield, but I have been wanting to see this show since my friend saw it there, Amon Tobin: