Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tis the season...

... for some great music ...
the next few days brings a couple of choice options for those of us in the bay area to sweat some of those turkey day calories off. on thursday there's going to be a dance party at the hopmonk in sebastopol. 1320 recording artists dark party (featuring eliot lipp & leo 123) will be throwing down. eliot is one of my favorite electronic artist & has been for a while. steele street scraps, off of hefty records, was full of melodic tracks. on the verge of minimalism, it was a new school form of song crafting driven by a bright young mind & created via modern technologies.
then, on friday at the independent, on divisadero in SF, there's sure to be some serious shredding going down thanks to some brilliant musicians who will be covering Led Zeppelin tunes. marco benevento, a filthy good organist/keyboardist & billy martin, percussionist extraordinaire from medeski, martin & wood are teaming up with marc friedman for a limited run a shows. hope to see you at one of them. especially the benevento/billy martin show... it really will be stellar. shoot, you might as well hit divis early for some little star pizza (the best pizza in the city, for real yo) & then hit the mini bar (a cool lil art bar with great beers & top shelf spirits) across the street for a pre show jameson served neat with a pbr. enjoy.

~ eightychoices

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